Rescues, Retired Adults, & Special needs Frenchies !
ForeverYoung is happy to help place and home all Frenchies we can, even those with special needs, birth defects, and problems, as we feel very strongly they all deserve a good loving Forever Home and the right home always comes along when it should and when it is meant to be.  If you have a Frenchie you can no longer keep for what ever reason, or that you know is in need of help please feel free to contact us. 
While we do have limited space we will do what we can to help whenever we can. 
Please note while the adoption of these Frenchies is not free the fee charged is very low and basically to cover the costs of their food and boarding, medications, any neutering, as well as any vaccines or routine vet care required for them before they go to their new homes.  Adoption fees range on average from $800.00 - $1,800 +, depending on the needs of each. All go neutered and current on vaccines. 
NOTE: From time to time clef puppies are born. This is a fairly common birth defect that can occur and is seen in breeds such as the bulldog and is called a cleft palate.  It is a defect that occurs in the developing fetus in utero. They are born with an opening (ie.clef) in the roof of their mouth (palate).
 We have had a few such puppies over our years of breeding and while these puppies are usually euthanized at birth by most breeders, we have found they do just fine with extra special care for the first few weeks of their lives and then make wonderful loving pets with out any long term health problems. We feel it is important to give them this care and the life they are entitled to.
 We have found a way to totally hand raise and tube feed these babies until they are about 6 weeks old when they can then start to eat dry food on their own. They can not eat the soft gruel and mush that most puppies are weaned onto as they have a hole in the inside roof of their mouth in which soft food would get lodged and stuck. This would cause them to aspirate the food into their nose and lungs causing a pneumonia which would be fatal and is why they can not suckle on their mother and nurse as a normal puppy would and thus they require the tube feedings and hand raising. 
  Once they are old enough to start on dry kibble we do this and they then do fine. We have also found that since a bulldog's head widens as they mature, the opening or clef, in the roof of the mouth tends to narrow and almost completely close as they mature into adults.  They do NOT require surgery for this and do fine eating dry food for life. We usually keep them until 5-6 months of age to be extra certain all is good with them.  They are also extra affectionate, loving, and smart as they are totally hand raised so very much bonded with people and think they are human. It creates an even more amazing and special character in them we have discovered.
"RIPLEY" - **ADOPTED**, He is now in a great new home where he is adored and spoiled as he should be! 
~  Our Beautiful Black Brindle Female " Hannah " is in a wonderful new home where she is the center of attention and being loved and spoiled!!   
~ ** She is our real sweetheart and likes other dogs, kids and everyone!  **
~Hannah loves to roll in the grass and play outdoors with sticks and/or balls and all children.
"STITCH" & now "LILO"- ** ADOPTED and is in a really wonderful home being spoiled rotten with Jessica!!   YEAH!!
"FREDDY" was ADOPTED ! , and is being adored by his new mom !

"HANNAH" - was ADOPTED !!, by the most wonderful couple and is a true queen with them !
"ACE" - ** ADOPTED ! , and being a great addition to his new family! 
 - Black brindle clef palate boy found just the right loving home.  He is a small boy and will be small as an adult as well but makes up for his size with personality!!  He is really a wonderful boy with a ton of character and spunk!!  Loves to cuddle!! 
 ~Gets along well with other dogs, kids and everyone! Very Smart! Loves attention! She would do great the only dog in the household or with another non dominant dog, as she does not like to be dominated by other dogs. She came to us from another breeder and is being retired from breeding. She is a large stocky type female with a blocky head and weighs 28-30 pounds. She is now 5 years old, very sweet and loving, and such a calm girl and housebroken as well.  
  ~Summer is a very sweet girl of ours who we have just spayed and is now in a wonderful pet home. She adores all people,children,and oher dogs. She is current on all vaccines and only just 3 years old. We retired her as a breeding girl as she did not enjoy being a mom as she prefers the focus to be on her.
CLEF BOY  -  ( Black Brindle Pied )
 ~This little guy is as sweet as they come!!
** NOTE : We took in two clef palate puppies from another breeder that have now been placed in wonderful new homes!! 
" BRAVO " 
** "TUI" is ADOPTED and going to great new home with Kyla 

**ADOPTED** --Black masked fawn male named "Vence". 
​Cafe has been**ADOPTED!!
 Now Adopted in new home!! YEA!!   *** SPECIAL ENGLISH BULLDOG FEMALE! ***  "Moody"
~ Our very sweet special needs female red and white English bulldog female named Moody,(from Harry Potter, kids named her) found a loving and understanding home. She was born with one undeveloped eye so is a one-eyed bulldog. She is very healthy otherwise and also a small girl. 
~ we will occasionally be retiring and looking for homes for a few  of our adults so please check back every now and then if you might be interested.
** News **   "ANGUS"  -  ADOPTED!! Clef boy found his great loving understanding home! 
Angus is a sweet loving boy without a mean bone in his body. He adores everyone and all other dogs and wants to be right by your side. Will walk directly next to your leg and never leave your side as he is sooo affectionate! He was born with a severe clef pallet and was not expected to make it but he is thriving and looks like a short little bull so we call him "Angus". He is 8 months old and eating just dry dog food wonderfully on his own and drinks without any difficulties at all. He just can never be fed any soft food as it would get lodged in the clef in the roof of his mouth and enter his nasal cavity of course as with any clef puppy/dog.  Looking for just the right home for him to be spoiled as he is now and adored. If interested in meeting him in person please email about yourself as well as the family and any other pets, etc.. 
"LILLY" **Adopted **
** Adopted & in new home ** - this sweet loving small blue and white english bulldog girl was born with a clef lip. This is her lip only and not her palate. She is not medically affected in any way and this is purely cosmetic. She is 7 months old, spayed, fully vaccinated, and crate trained and looking for an understanding loving home that can love and appreciate her just the way she is, just a little un perfect. Good with other dogs, cats, & children.  $1,800.
**ADOPTED  ** - We have a sweet, loving beautiful, Cream female, 4 yrs old, spayed, fully vaccinated, crate trained, housebroken, and leash trained, owner no longer had time for her due to personal family situation. Looking for home where she is only pet so she gets all the attention she deserves, Loves children and playing with balls and toys. Adoption fee $1,200.
**ADOPTED - no longer available  ** - Blue Fawn male 10 months old, this sweet gentle boy had his right eye scratched as a new born baby that left a scar on his eye, he is otherwise a healthy happy boy. Adoption fee $1,800