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 ** Our Lovely "Beautiful" COLOR, a VERY LIGHT DILUTED CHOCOLATE  **
~ This is a beautiful color and almost never seen as it is a really gorgeous "new" light CARAMEL diluted chocolate brindle color, and we feel a truly a beautiful color as well!   
~ This color is almost never seen in the frenchbulldog breed, do DNA testing is available to determine this color at this time. The dark normal chocolates are more commonly seen. We have both in our chocolate lines.
~ These pups of ours are great type in addition to being this stunning, gorgeous color! 
~  We have loved the more unusual colors and shades such as blue, chocolate, and lilac for many years as we have bred these colors in our Great danes as well as our top Regional & National Winning lines of Birman Cats in the past, and we are just thrilled to have such a RARE beautiful color to work with in our French Bulldogs. 
~ We just can not resist this rich soft color and those mesmorizing puppy eyes of blue and green ! 
~ Just breathtaking !!
ForeverYoung's "Leonidas" 
ForeverYoung's  "Galler" 
~ We named these pups after fine chocolates,as we feel they are certainly the finest of the "chocolate" colors !
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~ If you are interested in a future pupppy from us here at ForeverYoung, this EXTREMELY RARE & ABSOLUTELY        GORGEOUS stunning color we do notoften have pups this color and sell to pet homes only. 

~  At this time we have only seen a very small handful of puppies this light "new" color in Frenchbulldogs in ALL THE         WORLD and we are very happy to be one of the few to have this color/shade.  
 Please check back to see some of our new additions later this year. 

~ This color is still new and the genetics creating it and the "modifiers" which act on the brown "b" locus and red "e" locus to create this gorgeous diluted caramel color have not yet been found and determined in the French bulldog breed.

~ These pups are DNA color tested with Vet Gen* and are "bbEEDD"  so they are a base Chocolate which has been diluted to a lighter "Different" & "New" color by these still to be found and "unknown modifiers."* EXCITING!! 

~ We love this color and are thrilled to be one of the few to have it in our breeding program and look forward to working with it further !! 
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* From: VetGen
 Subject: Re: Kimberlee Young - frenchie--(color, parents/light chocolate)
 (pups) = Champagne/caramel/isabella/sedge???

 These are the first frenchies we have seen that are this shade of
 brown(choc), but it is not uncommon in other breeds.  The sedge in Chessies is from bb, as is the reddish brown seen in some other sporting dogs.
 We have not seen any correlation between the three little b mutations
 for which we test and shade of brown in other breeds, but these
 particular dogs all have two copies of the same mutation.  More
 likely, some undiscovered modifier is at work.

 All shades of color in dogs are made from combinations of two basic
 pigments, eumelanin (black/brown) and phaeomelanin (red).  There is
 usually some of each in every hair.  The dilute locus (d) works like a
 dimmer switch on the eumelanin, but there is no discovery yet for the
 gene which does the same for phaeomelanin.

 The short answer to "why is he this shade, and not a darker
 chocolate?" is... we don't know.

 Quoting VetGen <>: