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                      ForeverYoung French Bulldogs
                Contract of Sale and Health Guarantee
                            Kimberlee M Young VMD 
                            NJ/NY/PA  Area

                    Date of sale: _____________________

Buyer's Name:_________________________________________________


City,State,Zip Code:___________________________________________

Home # :_______________________________

Cell #:__________________________________

Work #: ________________________________

E-mail: _________________________________

Breed of Dog: French Bulldog         Date of Birth:___________________

Name of Puppy/Dog:________________________________

Sex:  Male / Female                       Neutered: Yes / No

Microchip: Yes / No        #: __________________________________


Dam's name and/or AKC Reg. #: __________________________________________________

Sire's name and/or AKC Reg.#:____________________________________________________

Both Buyer and seller agree this puppy is being purchased/sold as a pet and is to be kept as an indoor family member and was not sold for any showing or breeding purposes unless specified elsewhere in this contract with an addendum.  

Total Purchase Price: __________________                 Non-Refundable deposit:___________________

A deposit in the form of a US Post Office Money Order of $500.00 (for a standard color pup), or $1,000.00 (for a blue or chocolate pup), will reserve a puppy for the buyer until the puppy is ready to be shipped by the seller, or picked up by the buyer, as per the agreement made. Puppies are usually ready to go to their new homes between the ages of 9-10 weeks.
 Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE and non-transferrable.
 The puppy must be paid in full, plus any required shipping fees (if applicable), at least 2 weeks before the puppy is scheduled to be shipped or payment of balance must be paid in full at the time of pickup in cash. Personal checks, bank checks, or credit cards will not be accepted at time of pick up. 
Shipping fees are $400.00 and include airfare, crate, and veterinary health certificate for travel. This rate is subject to change based on airfare price increases.  There are no refunds once the puppy has been purchased, full or partial.

Puppies will not be shipped before they are 10-12 weeks of age. Every effort will be made by the seller to assure the puppy is healthy when it is delivered to the buyer. The puppies vaccination and medical record is listed below. The buyer is responsible for all medical expenses incurred from the date of delivery forward. 

Dates & Vaccinations Given:

DA2PPV #1_________________________  Bordetella #1_________________________
DA2PPV #2_________________________  Bordetella #2_________________________
DA2PPV #3_________________________

Dewormings given at 2,4,6,8, 10wks of age (Safeguard) 
Rabies Vaccine Due:____________________

Next vaccines due: ________________________________

Your puppy has been started on the following food: ___________________________________
** You should continue this same food when you take your new puppy home to prevent any dietary upset such as vomiting, diarrhea, not eating, or general undue stress on your puppy.  It is highly advised to NEVER feed any table food or people food to your new puppy as this can make them seriously ill, have very detrimental effects, and put them off eating their proper nutritious pet food.  NEVER give rawhide treats or bones of any kind! A list of "safe" toys will be provided by the seller at the time of transfer of the puppy and it is highly recommended these are the toys to be given to your new puppy.

****Buyer Agrees To The Following Conditions Of Sale****
Responsibility of Buyer:
 * Buyer agrees to maintain this puppy in lifelong good condition with annual veterinary checkups, timely vaccinations, proper diet, and hygienic conditions.
* Buyer agrees if at any time buyer can no longer care for above puppy/dog the breeder MUST be notified and given the right of first refusal!
*Breeder will assist in the placement of this dog or breeder may elect to take the dog back herself.
*Buyer agrees that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, and at any time, will this puppy/dog be sold, leased, or given, to any one or to any pet shop, shelter, or research facility.
*Buyer certifies that this purchase is not made by the buyer as an agent for any other person or entity, and further agrees that neither dog or its offspring (if sold with breeding rights), shall be sold to any agent, pet shop, mass commercial kennel, puppy mill, farm breeding facility, or research breeding facility. 

Guarantee: Buyer agrees there is no other health guarantees other then as stated herein: 
Guarantee applies to puppies/dogs under 2 years of age only.
 At the option of the buyer, and at the buyer's expense, the dog can be taken to the buyer's own veterinarian for a health exam within 72 hours of their purchase of the dog. If this option is exercised, as copy of the verterinary evaluation/certificate and any exam findings shall be provided and faxed to the seller within 48-72 hours of the examination, at 201-348-8104.
  If veterinarian deems puppy to be unhealthy, in writing, full purchase price will be refunded upon return of puppy, all documents, and receipt of veterinarian's written statement at the buyer's expense.
  The puppy will be guaranteed for one year against any incurable and debilitating genetic disorder requiring the dog to be euthanized. Should the dog die due to a genetic disorder within one year from the date of purchase, the seller will replace the dog for the buyer provided the seller is given substantiating documentation and evidence.  The buyer agrees to have a necropsy performed at the buyer's expense. Necropsy is to be performed by a licensed veterinary pathologist with appropriate tissue samples taken and evaluated and a copy of a written report must be forwarded to the seller for review. All warranties are for replacement only, and not for refund of purchase price in whole or part, or any reimbursement of veterinary/medical expenses incurred by the buyer or any other expenses in whole or part.
  Due to the inherent variability of breeding and litters, a puppy may not be available immediately and a reasonable amount of time, not to exceed one year, will be allowed for replacement.  In the event no such puppy is available or seller is no longer breeding, a refund of one half the purchase price will be given to buyer. No guarantees apply to health related problems caused by nutrition or care, nor any accident or illness.
  The seller will pay NO veterinary expenses. No reimbursements of any money for veterinary for veterinary bills incurred will be provided by seller.  These are soley the responsibility of the buyer. 
  Buyer agrees to notify seller immediately should this puppy/dog become severely ill.  Any, and all veterinary records must be forwarded to the seller upon request. Buyer also agrees to notify seller immediately upon any such diagnosis being made and prior to any decision to euthanize or this guarantee is null and void.

  As with any, and all, living things there unfortunately can be no guarantees of a future with no problems.  The seller does NOT guarantee against any diseases that can be acquired after the puppy/dog has left seller's home/possession.

This guarantee DOES NOT cover the following, which are common conditions for the bulldog breed and highly unpredictable: treatment for internal or external parasites or bacteria, cherry eye, loose hips, loose knees, skin allergies, elongated soft palates, and small or collapsed (stenotic) nostrils, bad or uneven bites, demodex, mange, inguinal or umbilical hernias, coccidia, kennel cough, giarrdia, or thyroid dysfunction. 
   As ForeverYoung French Bulldogs strives to produce the healthiest puppies possible and is always highly concerned about the subsequent health of all puppies produced and sold, please do contact the seller immediately for consultation if any of these conditions should occur throughout the life of your dog.  This type of information is very important to our breeding program.  Conditions such as cherry eye for example , which can indeed look very bad, are often easily treated and the seller will be more then happy to advise about any surgical or medical treatment options throughout the lifetime of our dogs.  We also enjoy hearing updates on how healthy and well our dogs are doing in their new homes. Any and all updates are always welcomed.

 Your puppy has received the vaccines listed above and should continue to receive their series of puppy combo distemper vaccines, if these are not yet completed. 
   Your puppy should NEVER be given any LYME or LEPTO vaccine at any point in their life! This vaccine is not proven to be effective and can result in many complications and illnesses. It is simply better to prevent your dog from getting ticks by applying Frontline/Revolution ONLY, monthly .  Avoid any and all over the counter flea and tick medications as they can cause very serious ill side effects even death!!   If your puppy is given a lyme or lepto vaccine at any point, all guarantees are null and void!
    You puppy/dog should also NEVER be given a Lepto vaccine if avoidable as this vaccine can initiate an allergic reaction in the bull dog breed which can cause respiratory distress and possible death.  If you live in an area where leptospirosis is seen frequently and your vet insists on this vaccine, which we do not agree with, it should never be given until your dog is over the age of 18 months. Any Lepto vaccine given at any point before this age also will result in all guarantees being null and void ! 
 An initial rabies vaccine should be given at any point between 4-6 months of age and then boostered every 1-3 years as required by your state. 

  Buyer's signature indicates that he/she has reviewed and discussed this contract with the breeder/seller and agrees prior to receiving said puppy/dog and is in full agreement and approval of the above terms and conditions.  Violation of any part of this contract may result in the seller reclaiming the animal without refund.  The buyer agrees to pay all attorneys fees and court costs in the event this contract is litigated and any suit shall be filed and tried in Hudson County of New Jersey.


Buyer's signature:___________________________________________

Seller's signature:___________________________________________ 

Bringing your new puppy home  !! 
  ( Some things you may want to have ready and waiting ) :

1.) The same food your puppy has already been started on is very important ~!~
  This will make their transition easier and will be less stress on their digestive tract and can help prevent or lessen diarrhea which is common when puppies change homes and schedules.  Please inquire as to which brand and type of puppy food your particular puppy is currently on as all pups and litters can be different. We use what works best for each. We typically feed Purina One Adult Lamb-N-Rice Formula Smartblend. 
  Frenchies can have very sensitive digestive systems so a food they do well on should be used and continued and food changes are strongly discouraged for this reason. No Table food or edible treats are recommended and especially NEVER give your Frenchie any RAWHIDES of any type!! Rawhides can and have been fatal !
 In general human food/table food is not good for dogs and puppies, and should always be avoided. Changing foods and offering other protein sources at a young age can result in allergies later in life. Please do not change foods with out first contacting us to discuss why you are considering it.

2.) A Good Quality Crate. (Preferably the wire sided type not the enclosed plastic or mesh type.)
    A crate that is well ventilated and one with a divider that can be adjusted as your puppy grows is a very good choice! Crate training is highly recommended for several reasons. First, this is most often the best way to housebreak. It also provides them with their own personal space and area much like a wolf with a den.  Most will grow to love their crate as a adult if it is used properly for training and should never be used as a punishment. 
 Crates also provide safety as puppies go through chewing phases and when crated, can be provided limited and safe toys to chew in their crate and not everything in your home which is destructive, creates bad habits, and can be very dangerous for the puppy as well. Frenchies like other short faced ( ie. Bracheocephalic) breeds can easily choke on small items they may pick up when not supervised or confined. This is why a food with a smaller kibble size is also recommended through out their life as well as safe toys only.  A list of safe and recommend toys will be provided to you in your puppy pack when you come to pick up your new puppy. 

3.) Safe Chew Toys !
  Again you will be given a list in your packet of information when you receive your puppy. But, in case you would like to have some on hand for when you first arrive home here is a list of those recommended:
  Kongs,  Wubbas,  Tire Track Tires (with or with out the attached rope ), Hollee Roller Balls, and Sphericon Rubber Toy, Nyla Bones & Gumma Bones,  Rope Toys, and deer antlers.  Any stuffed type toys with squeekers, etc. should be used only for supervised interactive play and always put up and away when your puppy is not directly supervised, as the stuffing and small parts can be easily ripped off and swallowed, or worse choked on. 

4.) A good safe Leash & Collar, and for actual walking, a Harness.  

5.) Puppy Housebreaking pads. Your puppy has been paper trained to newspapers already so you may use these but most people prefer to use the wee-wee type training pads as they are more absorbent. 

6.) Food & water bowls. Stainless steel are always best as they can not break or chip if chewed and do not cause allergic reactions and possible chin acne that the plastic bowls often cause.

7.) Dog gate(s)/Baby gate(s) to be used to block off certain rooms or any dangerous stair cases or areas of your home that you want to restrict the puppy from for their safety or to protect areas of your home from those inevitable 'accidents'.

8.) Dog Bed or Dog Bedding, 2 beds or sets of bedding are best for rotating, as one can be washing while other is in use.

  ~Raw Hides, pigs ears, cow hooves, or Bully Sticks!!
 ~Cooked real bones of any kind, as these can splinter and break into small fragments that can damage the digestive tract over time or pose a choking hazard.
~Chewy rubbery edible treats such as Pupperonis, Snausages, Beggin Strips, etc...
~Thin latex rubbery sqeeky toys, as they can easily chew these into pieces that can be swallowed and the sqeekers inside swallowed as well.