** Location: We are located in northern NJ, where we own our very own animal hospital, and are very close to NYC (across the GW Bridge), LI, and PA. 

My name is Kimberlee M Young VMD and I am a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine Class of 1994.  I fell in love with 2 very special breeds while in vet school and they were the Great Dane and the Birman.  I became acquainted with these breeds and from my first introduction to both found them to be very special.  I knew it would be only a matter of time until I would acquire ones for myself. I have been actively living with and breeding these breeds for over 20 years now and recently, 15 years ago now, developed a new love as well:
   The French Bull Dog!!! 

What an amazing all around breed they are! Once you meet one and see that sweet comical little face with those big rabbit like ears and learn how fun loving, easy going, and affectionate they are you will be hooked!! I certainly was!

  ForeverYoung French Bulldogs was started in 2005 when we acquired our first frenchie Oliver Oscar Oaken!  He melted all our hearts and was, and still is, a total joy and the head of our Frenchie clan. He is the ring master and leader and a truly wonderful boy. Having such a sweet boy only fueled our desire to add more to our family and our next additions were our black brindle female, Hannah Montana, and our cream girl, Miley Cyrus.  Yes, as you can see our children help choose the names and they were big time Disney and Hannah Montana fans. Well, we have been struck by the bug and have added several new additions after them as well and just love them all. 

  When we learned that Frenchies come in BLUE, yes, BLUE, and even CHOCOLATE, that was a thrill for us as we have had the blue and dilute chocolate Danes as well as  our blue and chocolate color pointed show Birman cats: and blue especially was our all around favorite color in general.  While so many were, and are, trying to sell blue and chocolate Frenchies at unbelievable prices, we quickly learned that like any other color, all are NOT alike!  Patience was a virtue and we waited for just the right blues and chocolate frenchies from some great breeders.

  Finding Frenchies in the color blue and chocolate that were of quality and health was not easy as many inferior quality blues and chocolates are out there. Since these colors are both not AKC "show recognized" colors they are therefore colors not many breeders have really worked extensively with. I was lucky enough to get in contact with some great and very trustworthy and honest breeders who had blues and chocolates from quality lines and been working with them in their breeding programs for many years and had just excellent type and quality Frenchies all the way around. I contacted and dealt with only ethical experienced breeders that were breeding for the type and standard as well, and not just color.  While we love them all regardless of color, the blues & chocolates are just a little extra special. 

  I am thankful to the breeders who have entrusted me with their gorgeous babies to help get me started and for providing me with such amazing examples of the breed for our breeding foundation !!

  All my puppies are born and raised in my home, with my 5 young children, and our gorgeous Great Danes, (Aramis,Kierra,Victoria, and Lucius), and our Chihuahua,(Chewy), and all our other French Bull Dogs, as well as our hamsters, chameleons, bearded dragon, hedge hog, guinea pigs,bunnies,tortoises, and all our retired show cats (Birmans), and our various domestic short hair rescues (Coda,Cosmo,Yalana,and Sasuke), and of course our newest additions our English bulldogs. With all this commotion the puppies are very well socialized and adjusted and not phased by much. 
   Being a veterinarian, I of course, breed for HEALTH & PERSONALITY first and foremost as well as for good type!  It does not matter how great a dog looks, if it is not healthy and an enjoyable well behaved member of the family. 

    My Puppies go to their new pet homes around 10 weeks of age or older, and have received a minimum of their first 2 sets of vaccines for both (distemper/parvo 4 in 1 combination, and Bordetella, aka. kennel cough) as appropriate for their age of course, and are de-wormed every 2 weeks at 2,4,6,8,10,12 weeks of age as well as most often already spayed or neutered with our surgical laser if going as a pet only.  Yes, I do pediatric spays and neuters and have a lot of experience and confidence in them as well as a state of the art CO2 surgical laser. My puppies are up within minutes of surgery and I feel they heal much more rapidly at this young age and they will not have to then risk going under anesthesia at a later date with another vet who may not be as familiar or cautious with the anesthesia required for a Bully breed. Unfortunately, I all too often receive calls and e-mails from people looking to get a puppy from me who have had suffered some sort of horrible loss at their vet when their bulldog was put under anesthesia and are grieving over such a senseless death. I want to ensure this will never have to occur with any of my babies!!

  I consider all my Frenchie babies to be my responsibility for the rest of their lives hence the name, "ForeverYoung".  I am always willing to answer any questions, assist with any medical problems, or even in extreme cases, due to possible unforeseen circumstances, will happily take them back and re-home when ever necessary. I love to be updated and stay involved and be of assistance when ever possible. So my pups come with an experienced veterinarian at your beck and call for the life of your dog!
  I do require a non refundable,non transferable, deposit of five hundred dollars, (or possibly more on certain higher priced puppies), to reserve and a hold a specific puppy or reserve a place in line to pick from a certain litter. Shipping is possibly available and is dependent on current flight charges but is approximately three - four hundred dollars, sometimes more for international flights, depending on the requirements of the country of final destination. We welcome and encourage people flying into the Newark NJ International Airport to hand pick up their puppies as well and do have them delivered by a friend at times to your closest airport. We try to always avoid shipping as we feel it is not the safest way of travel for a bully breed, although on very rare occasions have done this. 

  Frenchies are a wonderful and affectionate breed.  They are great with children and other animals and are a wonderful addition to any household where they will receive the proper amount of attention and love they require and deserve. They require a small amount of exercise and do very well in smaller apartments and homes. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.   I am always happy to hear from people who have acquired a puppy or kitten from me or fellow breeders and breed lovers. Picture updates are always wonderful as well !!!
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