email me
"Edie" in PA
   with Jim
"Pippi" in NJ with Lisa
"Kongo" in NJ
       with Erin
"Jake" with his goat friend in NJ with Diane
"Edie" & "Floyd" in PA with Jim
"Jake" & "Jessie" in NJ 
with Diane ( Both Hannah babies).
  Some of our past puppies in               their happy new homes!!!!!
"Jessie" in NJ with Diane
"Marlo" in NY with Benni
"Snubbull" in NJ with Connan
I purchased my dog in Sept 2008 from YOUNGZOO. They are trust worthy and honest. The communication was excellent and the whole process was easy. My dog is beautiful and very well behaved. He is worth every penny. Thank you, John Bockman 

Reviewer: john, September 24, 2008     
***** My Second Foreveryoung Frenchie 
After purchasing my first frenchie from Kimberlee,in January 2008, it was not long before I realized that I had to have another one. Kimberlee's frenchie's are wonderful,they are well socialized, love people and other animals and adjust very easily to there new homes. I now have Jessie 10 months, who is so sweet and Jake, 10 weeks, who is following his half sister everywhere and just as sweet.I would buy another puppy from Kimberlee in a heart beat, if I did not have four dogs now. Someday I will get another and it will definitely be from Foreveryoung Frenchies. French Bulldogs are a great breed of dog, especially when they come from a reputable breeder.Thanks again Kimberlee Diane 

Reviewer: diane, September 20, 2008    
*****Completely Satisfied 
The puppy we received from ForeverYoung is of the highest quality. She was obviously well cared for, and arrived happy, and healthy. The seller provided great customer service, information throughout the process, and made the process very simple. I highly recommend this breeder. 

Reviewer: Jim, September 18, 2008   
*****A new member of the family:Marlo 
I just bought my first frenchie, Marlo, from Kimberlee of Foveryoung. He is an amazing healthy, playful puppy, just perfect. He is getting along very well with Guapo, my cat, he is just a great addition to my family! I would definitely recommend her if you’re looking to get a French Bulldog. She is extremely competent, very patient with explanations and suggestions. She sent me pictures and info of my puppy through the 2 months when he was still with her and his mummy. It has been great to have a weekly update. We are still in contact now, she keeps on asking me updates about Marlo. Thank you for everything Kimberlee! benni 

Reviewer: benedetta, September 16, 2008  .
*****French Bulldog pups 
We just recently brought home our french bulldog puppy (Kongo) and we could't be happier. Our baby is absoultey perfect! He is a loving, adorable, and healthy pup with a wonderful personality. We feel so lucky to have found Kimberlee. She was informative and extremely friendly. She kept in contact us with the whole time and it was very comforting knowing Kongo was in good hands. We would definitley recommend buying a puppy from Kimberlee. We can't thank her enough for everything she has done. 

Reviewer: Erin, September 16, 2008   
*****Jessie our new addition 
I bought my FRENCH BULLDOG from foreveryoung. I have had Jessie three weeks now. She is a gorgeous happy, healthy pup. I have two other dogs that she has adjusted to extremely well she was very well socialized when I got her. Her temperament is wonderful. Kimberlee was very helpful with all my questions. I have never owned a Frenchie before, but after talking with her and getting familiar with the breed, I was sure I made the right purchase. I would highly recommend this breeder if you are serious about getting a top quality happy healthy puppy. Jessie has filled a large void in my heart after the passing of my Boston terrier. She is everything I needed and wanted in a French bulldog. Thank you Kimberlee for everything. We will keep you updated with photos. 

Reviewer: Diane, February 7, 2008   
"Sadie"  in LI, NYwith Barry
"Samba" Kongo's new sister with Erin in NJ
"Grizzle" with James & Carl in NJ
"Ty Ty" with Katie in CA
"Elvis" with Paul in NY
"Suzie"  with Lynda NY& her Parents in Boston
"Chubbs"  with Allyson in NJ & NY
"Lilly" with Irene in NY
"Marley" with Steve in Rhode Island
"Loki" with Selena & his new best buddy "Poseidon" 
***** Our New Addition: Loki 
We have had Loki at home for just over two months and we could not be
happier with him!  I did a lot of research and spoke to a number of
breeders before finding Kimberlee and ForeverYoung - Let me tell you,
I am very glad that we waited.  She patiently answered all of our
questions, welcomed me and my family to visit, and allowed us to spend
time with the puppies, never pressuring us.  We brought Loki home and
he has been wonderful; loving, playful, funny, just a little dear.  He
interacts so well with people and all other dogs - he and my sister's
pitbull Poseidon have become best friends!  Kimberlee has continued to
be in touch, answering our questions and concerns and I cannot thank
her enough.  If you are looking for a french bulldog, you have found
the right place!  
Thank you so much! 

 Selena & Dallas, December, 17,2009

He is so amazing !! I cant believe what an angel he is !! Thank you so so much
 he was so quiet and slept  the  whole way  He loves the garden and became friends with my other dogs immediately!!
 I am sending you  a pic from the hotel with him on the sofa 
 i will take more pics this week in ...Hollywood!!  lol  and send them to you 
 Happy Holidays 
 lots love

 Zeta, December 22, 2009

"Hollywood"  with Zeta in CA
***** IGGY & JULES
The puppies are doing wonderful!!! They are loved so much.. I'm going to try and attach a few pics for you to see. They have adapted to their new home and seem to love it. They are eating well and love to play outside and run around the yard. Some accidents here and there. We did have a great Xmas. The puppies are being good. I would say they are 99.9% housebroken. Just can't turn my back too long and miss them at the back door : 
Jules is definitely the princess!
 Iggy is just a gentle giant.
Dana, January 4, 2010
***** PIPER
Hi Kimberlee: 
I hope all is well with you.  Just a short note to let you know that Piper is doing great and everyone that she meets absolutely loves her.   She is a happy, healthy, loving little girl who is quite the character and doesn't fail to make us laugh everyday.   
Camille, October 2009
***** TY TY
Hi, Kimberlee it is great to hear from you!  All is well with us also.  Ty Ty is great!  I just love her color.  She is a sweetheart and everywhere I take her people just go nuts over her.  When I take her to the vets, all the staff come running and they grab her right up and take her around to see everyone.  I also took her to puppy class and it was the same there.  We just love her.  Ty Ty has grown but I am really happy because she is still on the smaller side.  I am excited to see what her face will look like when she is all grown up.  We love her. 
Thank you................Katie, September, 2009

 *****GREAT PUP 
I bought a little black and white/brindle pup (his name is Pete Turner) from Dr. Young about two months ago. He has been amazing - completely healthy and such a great personality. He's extremely well adjusted to other dogs and to people after spending time in the young household with several other dogs (and several kids too). He's made a trip back to Dr. Young to finish his shots, and her excitement to see one of her pups reinforced the fact that she loves these little dogs. Pete has been such a great addition to the household and I couldn't be more pleased with any part of the process with Dr. Young. Thanks for a great little guy! 

Reviewer: Micah, October 17, 2009   

"Pete Turner" with Micah in NY.
***** " MEATBALL" 
Hi Kimberlee,   
  I thought that I would share a few pictures of Meatball.  He's growing so quickly and is really becoming a sweet, well-mannered (though very stubborn) dog.  He has puppy socialization classes and basic obedience classes once a week and spends Thursdays at doggie daycare (Dave and I both pull 10-hour Thursdays).  The rest of the time he's lounging around the apartment, chasing a ball or trying to destroy a Kong.  
We love the little guy so much.  Thank you.
Shannon & David Mrazik             February 6th, 2010
"Meatball " very spoiled with Shannon & David
***** "BLEU"
Hi Dr. Young,
   First and foremost, Thank You for being such good caring people. Seeing how much You, Gary & Your Staff love animals & treat people with kindness & compassion was really great to see in today's me world.
   I just want to Thank you for "BLEU" our French Bulldog we just got from you last week. Bleu is a great dog full of energy. He has fit right in with our family, The kids love him our 2 other French Bulldogs Bella & Oreo adore him as does Scout our 4 year old weimarainer. Our 4 Persian Cats FOXY, SEYMOUR, RALPHIE and MUFFIN  are even joining in with him its just amazing to see. He is such a cute lovable pup. Thank you so much for him. I snapped a picture of him under my desk as he follows me everywhere we even considered the name SHADOW because of it, But BLEU seems to be the right fit. I will keep you updated with pictures of BLEU as he grows.
Thank you, Be well.

James, February 13th, 2010
"Bleu" in NY/NJ with James
***** London & Crystal
Hi Kimberlee,
    Here are some pics from today, they are both full of beans and being typical frenchies bouncing around, they weren't sick and didn't have the runs on their journey or since they have been here, so i'd say they def travelled well. crystal is a little madam with london she takes the toys off him and growls, and he just lets her, he seems a nice natured boy. 
  update: Yes we are very happy with how they have turned out i will keep sending you pics as they grow.
thanks ash
Ashley,  Sepember 2009 & January, 2010
   " Crystal "

***** Lucy
Hi Kimberlee,
Just wanted to let you know little Lucy is doing great. We feel like she has already gotten so much bigger in just one week!! She is eating great, doing pretty good with housebreaking and is all around a sweet girl. She is kind of a bum when you try to wake her up from one of her many naps throughout the day.. but then she runs around crazy for 15 min or so.. she gets these little bursts of energy.. it's really funny. 

We attached some pictures so you can see how she is doing...  We will see you soon to pick up some heartworms pills! 

Thanks again for everything. We are so happy.. She was definitely worth every penny :)

 Liz and Kevin, March 2, 2010

" Lucy "
***** "Lola" 
Hi Kimberlee,

Hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to give you an update on  
Lola. She's growing so fast, learning quickly, and is just brings us  
the greatest joy! We're fortunate to be have the option to work from  
home so we've been home with her since her homecoming. She only cried  
in her crate two nights but is now adjusted to sleeping when we do.

She's been teething and has been chewing everything in site. Luckily,  
she has plenty of chew toys to keep her occupied! Lola found her  
favorite spot in the house to sunbathe and people watch from.

It's definitely a challenge walking her, she's not difficult at all,  
it's the people that stop us every 5 seconds to oogle at how cute she  
is! We can hardly go down the block without being stopped - I've even  
had people say they had to walk over from half a block away just to  
see her! It's ridiculous but I can't really blame them. She's  
beautiful and definitely eye catching!
We'll keep you updated!                                                        Louise, April 2nd, 2010
"Lola" enjoying her spot in the sun!! 
*****  Update on "Bleu" 
Thank you very much, I wish you could understand how much additional happiness & love, that you gave our family. Your pups are just so smart, have stunning looks, wonderful personalities,
All around great family members. This email does no justice in expressing how my family loves & feels for Our Bleu Boy & All of our pets. Our pets are not just "pets" they are part of our family. Evelyn & I were having a talk about how our life would be without our dogs & cats, and both of us couldn't imagine it! They are all truly part of us & getting Our Bleu Boy has made it even better. Any dog lover can see Bleu Boy is a very special pup! Maybe we are a little nuts & I'm ok with that, but I know how I feel & Our Bleu Boy can change a bad day to a good day just by his presence. We are waiting patiently for our chocolate boy pup I'm certain he will have all the great qualities of Our Bleu Boy & will be a great addition to our family? Take care, be well.....   jz   August 11th, 2010 
***** "Gabe" 

I just wanted to give you an update on Gabe. He's the smartest and sweetest little boy.  He loves running in the backyard and playing with balls.  He'll carry his toothbrush in his mouth and kick a ball around at the same time.  Its the cutest thing I've ever seen.  You did an amazing job with breeding.  My husband and I would love to get a girl from you eventually.  I'm kind of holding out for a "red" or "fawn" girl.

I hope all is well with you and your family!

Take care.

Sharry, Joe, Remy, and Gabe Tilocco      July 27th, 2010
*****  "Max" 
 Just want to thank you again for such an amazing dog, Max is really something special! Joel and I will definitely be buying our next dog from you and we always give your website out to anyone that asks about frenchies.
Kate & Joel Lawson                                    July 7th, 2010
***** "Desmond"
Hi Kim , 
 It's a love feast at our house, everyone is very happy!!! see you in July , Thanks again.  
Pat and Chris                   June 17th,  2010

"Iggy" & sister "Jules" with the Purdy Family in NJ
Max in mom's pearls.... and "hiding" under the bed 
"Desmond"  & his new sister "Tutu" in NJ
*****  "Kirby"
  Hi Kimberlee!
Kirby is doing great!! He's an absolute joy! He's eating well, sleeping well, playing well - training has been a challenge, but he's still young yet.  He's using his crate as his bathroom and sleeping outside it, but at least it's usually in one place . . . ;) We take him outside and he runs around a bit then sits on the ground next to us and does his business as soon as we get him back inside!  Oh well . . .

I'm ashamed to say he does sleep with us at night, but I'm amazed - since the day we got him, he curls up between us and doesn't move until the alarm goes off in the morning!!  His days are spent playing and sleeping in his little bed under Tom's desk.  He and Tom are fast friends now - it's funny to watch Kirby following him all over the house, then sitting right at his heels when he stops!

It's such a joy to have someone else in the house with us again, and he has his own little personality that's so different from our other two dogs.
We can't thank you enough!!

LeeAnne and Tom.                                     May 22, 2010.
"  Kirby" 
***** "Lola"  
Hi Kimberlee -  
I'm writing to you from Russia (back home on Aug 20th).
Thanks again and I hope you and your family are well.
PS I so love Lola. This is our best purchase so far in life. 
 I even don't know how we used live without her. I miss her so much!

Oxana                           August 11th , 2010
***** "PENNY BLEU"
Hi Dr Young, 
Lisa and I wanted to thank you and Gary so much for our send off the other day with Penny.  She is adjusting very well here with us here at home.  She's constantly exploring and so curious.  She loves to run and play tug of war and with her tennis ball followed by some serious naps curled up on Lisa's lap.  She also loves to eat!!!  Lisa and I think she is the best little pup we could have asked for.  She loves playing with all the other dogs we see in our building and on the street.  You can tell she was raised with lots of love and friends.  Thanks again for our girl Penny.  We're sending along a few pics of her here with us.   

Lisa and Drew                   Novemeber 15, 2010
***** "Betty"  (second ForeverYoung Frenchie) w/ older sister  "Olive"
Hi Kimberlee,
  Just wanted to let you know that Betty is doing absolutely great. She gets along great with the other two dogs and she and Olive especially are best friends already. She's also done way better than expected as far as housebreaking. She totally got the idea of going outside very quickly. 
 Hope you and your family enjoy the holidays. 

Mark                                    November 6, 2010
"Bella"  with her frenchie sister, mom Kim , &  son in NJ, having her first birthday at the beach!         October 24, 2010
"Bella's" baby picture Too Cute!!  
*****   "Taun-Taun"  
Hello Kimberlee,
I wanted to send you and update on Taun-Taun and how he is doing.  So far so good.  He has fallen in love with the apt and knows now that it is his home and is safe place for him. After a few days he has gotten a hang of the leash and now loves to take walks.  We did a doggy play date yesterday and took him up to long island and went through a walk in a pumpkin patch.

I can't thank you enough for him.  I am so happy i took my time with this decision and wanted to thank you for your patience.  He is turning out to be the perfect addition to our home.

More pics and updates to come.  I have to run.  But I wanted to be let you know that he is doing well and is surrounded by people who love him.
All the best,   Alex                                                October 4, 2010
Update on "Samba" & "Kongo" all grown up  in NJ
Hi Kimberlee, 
It was good to see you yesterday. Attached are some pics to enjoy!
Talk to you soon,
Erin                                                           October , 2010
"Kongo" when he first got his new baby sister "Samba" a second FY Frenchie for Erin in NJ                     Adorable !
*****  ForeverYoung's  Bleu"Ismay"  as a puppy and now all grown up in Canada with WestCoast frenchies!
**** "Ruby"  & "Cooper"
I just wanted to thank you for these wonderful puppies.  They are awesome.  They are the happiest, sweetest, smartest, most affectionate dogs I have ever met.  They are so cute, they stop traffic.  I am so happy that I got both of them.  I can't imagine only having one.  

Julie                            November 16 , 2010
"Olive" with Joe & John  October,  2010
****  "Maui"  (AKA "Moo")

Hi Kimberlee, 
   My compliments to you! 
Maui, "Moo" for short, is a remarkable dog! I am so happy. After a few days with the Family, and time to adjust to her new surroundings, her personality "popped"...funny, spirited, affectionate, loyal, etc.  She is now 15 weeks and already she knows her basic commands not to mention a few others just for our entertainment (high five, plays dead (you mention the word "bang" and she falls over) and a few others we are working on). Her intelligence is outstanding and her unconditional affection is priceless. Perhaps it's the breed but her quality puts her over the top. Thank you Kimberlee, thank you, thank you, thank you.
Kathryn & Family      December  2, 2010