~ News !!!  We Have Gorgeous French Babies 
                 & ENGLISH Bulldog babies !!*
~ New babies expected 2014 !! Now taking deposits to reserve pups ! ** 
~ We also have several beautiful & very sweet, spoiled pups currently available** 

**Check back for updates!! Puppies are ready to go to their new homes around 10 weeks of age!
Updated 10/25/14 ! 
BLUE PUPS !!! Sorry all blues below are sold but we may be expecting new litters so check in with us!
This is a male from our past litter he is a Blue brindle pied male , Gorgeous boy!!  **He is Sold ** If you are interested in a blue from us please serious inquiries only.  Also please be advised that blues & chocolates sell for a much higher price then most other colors and they start at $5,500 and go up based on sex, color, markings, quality and breeding rights (if granted), etc.....
Please be prepared to tell us a little about yourself if inquiring for one of our puppies.
Here are 2 males from another of our past blue litters. Both are Gorgeous Blue Brindle Males
  ** Sorry these two boys are no longer available and have been sold!!***  The first is "London" and the second male              is our Stunning "Sterling" both were sired by Corbin and out of our sweet beautiful girl "Roxy". 
 ** Please feel free to contact us about any new litters of upcoming blues we might have available later this year**
**We will be expecting 2014 NEW ARRIVALS & Upcoming litters : **
We are expecting several litters that will be available this year.  
Deposits are taken in advance to reserve for specific sexes and colors if you like.  
*** Please scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page and to the right to see some of our blue pups from previous litters! ****
Pups are ready for their new homes around 9-10 weeks of age at the earliest. This is when their first 2 sets of vaccines give them safety & protection from illness and viruses.
A $500.00 Deposit via a post office money order is required to reserve puppy of standard colors, $1,000 + deposit to reserve blues, chocolates, & creams.

Prices for standard colors can range $3,500 -$5,000, creams are at the higher end of this scale.
Prices for blues & chocolates can range $5,000 - $8,000 and up! 
Please e-mail first to: youngzoo@aol.com  as we are often very busy and put alot of time into our dogs and puppies. 
Please also call my animal hospital at 201-348-8100  and leave a message to confirm your place if you are sending a deposit to reserve a puppy from one of these litters or from an upcoming litter. 
 All our pups ARE raised IN the home!!! We provide our moms and babies with lots of attention, cuddle time, top nutrition and vitamins, so our home is literally a 'zoo', and a busy one at that.
We are always excited about all our new arrivals. 

Please also know all pups going as pets will be spayed and neutered young with my surgical laser often even before going home with you. This can save you, their new owner, the time &  hassle of multiple trips back and forth to the vet for drop off, pickup, and suture removal as well as having to deal with the healing time, the pup wearing  a  protective lampshade type e-collar, and also saves you the expense as well as the risk of anesthesia later down the road for your new baby. Some pups from very large litters may occasionally, due to their smaller size and individual circumstances, be asked to return in a few weeks or couple months for the surgery and always at no charge of course. 
As a courtesy we also include all follow up puppy vaccines for the first year to those close enough to come back and see us and take advantage of this offer. As well as no charge for office visits/exams/consultations for the life of your pup. 
A Great savings especially for nearby NJ/NY clients!! 
We LOVE to see our babies back and so we provide the TOTAL package!!! 
You won't find a better situation or source for your Frenchie I assure you!!
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" Coco Puff "
" Schakolade "
 Two Previous Lovely Blue Brindle Females , very short, very cobby and stocky, and small.     
**  Previous Blue Male - Sorry he is no longer available! **
"Corbin Bleu"
Example Some of my previous blue babies:
Example Some of our Previous pied puppies: 
Example Previous litter pied puppies :
        ~ Announcement ! ~ We have puppies now ready to go ~
~ Puppy price includes all first year routine veterinary care and puppy vaccines, kennel cough vaccines, rabies vaccine at 4-6 months, dewormings, and the spay/neuter done with our surgical laser.  All included! 
~ We do take deposits to reserve picks in the order we receive them. 
If interested please contact us via e-mail and tell us a little about yourself as well. 
" Penny Bleu " One of our Amazing Past Blue females
Now Sold ** and now being very spoiled and loved in her new home! 
~ We have some stunning pups available. Excellent quality & most importantly healthy.
Really gorgeous, wide heads, cobby, great boning, beautiful colors, and such sweet expressions to go with it !  Top Notch ! We breed for health & Personality first and foremost! All puppies are raised in our familyroom/great room so very well socialized with our five young children,other dogs,show cats,etc.. Affectionate & Love to cuddle!

~Our CHOCOLATE babies !! ~ Really Top Notch Chocolates ! ~ Our chocolate Sire is our stunning stocky,"Schakolade" ! Our chocolates are unique and gorgeous rich color, short muzzles, great nose ropes, lots of wrinkles,very stocky,short, & cobby.  
~~ contact us if you would like to reserve a future chocolate ~~
~ New born photos of our previous chocolate litter !  
We have amazing litters of BLUES & Chocolates as well as our standard color babies !!  
 ~Our Blues & Chocolates especially are some of the best and healthiest lines and pedigrees worldwide! 
All our Frenchies are AKC ! And we include A LOT! Please read above ! 
  ** Dilute chocolates AKA. CARAMELS/CHAMPAGNES are also available by reservation. Please inquire about pricing and serious inquires only as this is a very very rare color and quite expensive. 
~  Please e-mail and inquire if you are interested in reserving a puppy.
 ~ Our puppies will be ready for their new homes starting when they are 9-10 weeks of age!  
~  If you are interested in being on our waiting list and want to reserve a pick from these                      upcoming litters please let us know. 
Example of our blues, Excellent Quality Previous Blue Brindle male   ** SOLD  **  
~ stocky solid chunk of a boy !!  
Waiting List& /Pending & Confirmed Deposits & Reserved picks :
1.) Brenda M.& Family--Black Brindle male,confirmed

~ Excellent quality ~ very adorable chunky, wrinkly, excellent type! 
~ All colors possible: to include black brindles, fawns, creams, blues, chocolates and pieds.     
 Animal Hospital
   Laser Surgery Center of Secaucus
Contact  me at work at : Animal Hospital & Laser Surgery Center of Secaucus
1250 Paterson Plank  Rd 
Secaucus NJ 07094
(201) 348-8100
For care of your French & English Bulldogs,and all your other pets as well please visit the: 
****All photos and content of this web site are property of                          ForeverYoung French Bulldogs!!!****
***Theft of any content or photo from this site, without written                  permission, will be prosecuted!*** 
**SOLD**  (Blue masked fawn male) The photos say it all!  This is an AMAZING blue masked fawn male!  Excellent type and short and stocky and just perfect!! We totally adore this little guy !
** ** 
Photos of our previous beautiful and very stocky creams
** Prior black masked fawn babies! ** SOLD** 
Some previous Blacks.
~ Black brindle girls & Boys!! 
~Excellent cobby stocky bodies!! 
~Amazing type and Quality!
*** Pricing *** :  
*Standard colors: $4,000-$4,500
*Creams: $5,000-$6,000
*Chocolates: $5,500-$8,000
*Blues: $6,500-$8,000
Standard colors include: 
Black masked reds/fawns,
Tri-Pieds, Black brindles, 
Black pieds
Previous black female, beautiful girl with glossy black coat                  **SOLD**
"Sterling" - sorry not for sale
WE HAVE AN ENGLISH GIRL ! Truly stunning in type and color, top quality English bulldog!!  We are thrilled with the health of our English and are very selective and have healthy, beautiful lines!  Our English mature to 45-50 pounds so stay this nice healthy weight as well! 
GIRL: Adorable & loves to cuddle!!  **SOLD**
 We are happy to announce that we have..a ***BLUE*** TRI-COLOR ENGLISH BULLDOG Male !!   ~VERY RARE COLOR!   ~TRULY BEAUTIFUL
Blue Fawn Pied Frenchie Male 5 months
~ very sweet, laid back,calm male
~loves to cuddle
~total lap dog! 
(In the sun to show his beautiful blue color!)
Gorgeous English male **AVAILABLE** $7,500 
Beautiful Blue & Red Brindle Tri-Color Female English Bulldog 
 **AVAILABLE ** $6,000
~ stunning blue color & red brindle with white chest and face blaze!
Gorgeous chunky Blue Pied Frenchie Girl  ** AVAILABLE ** $6,500
~ This girl is very sweet, top quality, and beautiful color as well!
~ If you want a rare color as well as a stunning puppy This is the girl for you!  ~ Ready End of October ~  (ears now up!)
Here he is! Another one of our amazing blue males!  
~ This boy is a total stunner & has our classic ForeverYoung look!
 Although we do not breed for so called "mini" frenchies we occasionally rarely do get some tiny ones. Currently we have a cream & a black brindle girl both very small girls!  This cream girl is very small and shown here with her buddy a 4 month old kitten. These girls will be very small full grown around 16-17 pounds at the most maybe less. This Cream is a beautiful sweet spunky tiny petite girl!  ** AVAILABLE **  cream frenchie girl $5,500
** AVAILABLE ** - Our adorable very tiny Black Brindle Frenchie female  $5,500
**AVAILABLE ** Very rare dilute chocolate/caramel brindle male & choc/caramel brindle pied male frenchies !!
    ~$6,500 (pet homes only)
Gorgeous quality dark cream male, **AVAILABLE** 
$6,000 ~This boy is a really sweet boy with wonderful personality, and amazing looks to go with it!  very rich dark cream color
Really Gorgeous lighter cream male **AVAILABLE**  $6,000 
~ sweet cuddly boy, excellent stocky cobby body & rich, honey color
~ will be smaller size full grown