~ News !!!  We Have Gorgeous Frenchie Babies 
                 & ENGLISH Bulldog babies !!*
~ New babies expected 2019 !! We do accept advance deposits to reserve pups !
~ We also have several beautiful & very sweet, spoiled pups currently available** 

**Puppies are ready to go to their new homes around 10 weeks of age!
Updated 12/12/21 ! 
**We will be expecting 2019 NEW ARRIVALS & Upcoming litters : **
We are expecting litters that will be available this year.  
Deposits are taken in advance to reserve for specific sexes and colors if you like.  
Pups are ready for their new homes around 10 weeks of age at the earliest. This is when their first 2 sets of vaccines give them safety & protection from illness and viruses.
A $500.00 Deposit via a post office money order is required to reserve puppy of standard colors, $1,000 + deposit to reserve other colors such as blues, chocolates, & creams. Please be aware deposits are non refundable.

Please e-mail first to: youngzoo@aol.com  as we are often very busy and put a lot of time into our dogs and puppies. 

Please also call my animal hospital at 201-348-8100  and leave a message to confirm your place if you are sending a deposit to reserve a puppy and we have already corresponded through emails, from one of these litters or from an upcoming litter.

 All our pups ARE raised IN the home!!! We provide our moms and babies with lots of attention, cuddle time, top nutrition and vitamins, so our home is literally a 'zoo', and a busy one at that.
We are always excited about all our new arrivals. 

Please also know all pups going as pets will be spayed and neutered young with my surgical laser often even before going home with you. This can save you, their new owner, the time &  hassle of multiple trips back and forth to the vet for drop off, pickup, and suture removal as well as having to deal with the healing time, the pup wearing  a  protective lampshade type e-collar, and also saves you the expense as well as the risk of anesthesia later down the road for your new baby. Some pups from very large litters may occasionally, due to their smaller size and individual circumstances, be asked to return in a few weeks or couple months for the surgery and always at no charge of course. 
As a courtesy we also include all follow up puppy vaccines  to those close enough to come back and see us and take advantage of this offer. As well as no charge for office visits/exams/consultations for the life of your pup. 

A Great savings especially for nearby NJ/NY clients!! 
We LOVE to see our babies back and so we provide the TOTAL package!!! 

You won't find a better situation or source for your Frenchie I assure you!!
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" Coco Puff "
" Schakolade "
 Two Previous Lovely Blue Brindle Females , very short, very cobby and stocky, and small.     
**  Previous Blue Male - Sorry he is no longer available! **
"Corbin Bleu"
Example Some of my previous blue babies:
Example Some of our Previous pied puppies: 
Example Previous litter pied puppies :
   ~ Announcement ! ~ We often have puppies ready to go or can tell you about upcoming ltters we are expecting ~
~ Puppy price includes all first year routine veterinary care and puppy vaccines, boosters, kennel cough vaccines, rabies vaccine at 4-6 months, dewormings,fecals, and the spay/neuter done with our surgical laser.  All included! 
~ We do take deposits to reserve picks in the order we receive them.
~ Deposits are non refundable.
If interested please contact us via e-mail and tell us a little about yourself as well. 
" Penny Bleu " One of our Amazing Past Blue females
Now Sold ** and now being very spoiled and loved in her new home! 

~Our CHOCOLATE babies !! ~ Really Top Notch Chocolates ! ~ Our chocolate Sire is our stunning stocky,"Schakolade" ! Our chocolates are unique and gorgeous rich color, short muzzles, great nose ropes, lots of wrinkles,very stocky,short, & cobby.  
~~ contact us if you would like to reserve a future chocolate ~~
~ New born photos of our previous chocolate litter !  
We Breed for health and personality first & foremost!
All pups are raised in our home with our five children & other pets!
Well socialized with affectionate & loving personalities!
All Sires & Dams are our own family pets and live with us. We do not use any outside stud services for the safety of our girls. we do provide stud service on a very limited basis to select approved females of health and with experienced breeders only.
 We often have amazing litters of BLUES & Chocolates, as well as Merles, in addition to our standard color babies !!  
 ~Our Blues, Chocolates, and more unusual colors especially are some of the best and healthiest lines and pedigrees worldwide! 
We include A LOT with all our frenchies! Please read above ! ($2,000+ in vet care) 
~  Please e-mail and inquire if you are interested in reserving a puppy.
Example of our blues, Excellent Quality Previous Blue Brindle male   ** SOLD  **  
~ stocky solid chunk of a boy !!  
We Do Keep A Waiting List with Deposits for Future Litters to  Reserve Picks: 
1.) Arleen W.-Black Masked fawn male ~Nov 2019
2.) Marisa C.-male,black&wht pied preferred ~Spring 2020 
3.) Gillian L.-male preferred, standard color 

~ Excellent quality ~ very adorable chunky, wrinkly, excellent type! 
~ All colors possible: to include black brindles, fawns, reds, creams, blues, chocolates and pieds. 
 Animal Hospital
   Laser Surgery Center of Secaucus
Contact  me at work at : Animal Hospital & Laser Surgery Center of Secaucus
100 Dorigo Lane
Secaucus NJ 07094
(201) 348-8100
For care of your French & English Bulldogs,and all your other pets as well please visit the: 
****All photos and content of this web site are property of                          ForeverYoung French Bulldogs!!!****
***Theft of any content or photo from this site, without written                  permission, will be prosecuted!*** 
**SOLD**  (Blue masked fawn male) The photos say it all!  This is an AMAZING blue masked fawn male!  Excellent type and short and stocky and just perfect!! We totally adore this little guy !
** ** 
Photos of our previous beautiful and very stocky creams
** Prior black masked fawn babies!
  ** SOLD** 
Some previous Blacks

*** Pricing *** :  
*Standard colors: $4,500-$6,000
*Creams: $5,500-$6,000
*Blues: $6,500 +
*Merles:$7,000 +
Standard colors include: 
Black masked reds/fawns,
Tri-Pieds, Black brindles, 
Black pieds, Blacks.
Previous black female, beautiful girl with glossy black coat                  **SOLD**
"Sterling" - Our stud boy, sorry not for sale
Truly stunning in type and color, top quality English bulldog!!  We are thrilled with how this little girl has matured and she will be staying with us!  She is compact at 36 pounds and all muscle and excellent bulldog body type and health! With our English breeding we are very selective and have healthy, beautiful lines!  Our English usually mature to 40-50 pounds and stay in this healthy weight range and not the much larger size of many that we find to be unhealthy.  
GIRL: Adorable & loves to cuddle!!  **SOLD**
SPECIAL NEWS: We also now breed extremely healthy nice compact smaller/proper sized English bulldogs on very limited basis (1-2 litters a year) ! 
Gorgeous Blue English male "Goliath"
from past litter of "Pearl" X "Que Psi"
Beautiful Red & Blue reverse brindle Tri-Color, gorgeous nice small compact stocky girl!
~ stunning blue brindle & red brindle with white chest and face blaze!
~ Personality Plus !!
*** Please note that ForeverYoung does provide stud service on occasion to select approved females and as part of this service we do get back a pick puppy from such litters. If you are looking for a certain sex or color please inquire as not all puppies are always listed on our web site and we might have some pick of the litter pups available as well. We also often have a couple we are keeping to watch mature as we are undecided ourselves if we are keeping them perhaps. 

~We do try to keep our web site updated but are often busy with round the clock care of our newest babies so sometimes our time is limited and we don't get to it as often as we would like.
Some examples of our previous adorable blues!! 
These pups in photos are both from a prior litter and are both now sold and in their new homes. All our frenchies are sweet, well socialized, and of excellent health and temperament. We are currently taking deposits to reserve choices from our upcoming blues 
 ** Sorry she is not available for sale but her pups will be 
** WE WILL HAVE GORGEOUS NEW English Bulldogs from time to time. If interested please inquire !
Excellent quality, stocky type. Expecting blues, blue & whites, blue tri colors, possible lilacs and lilac tris and standard colors. Our English have loving gentle amazing personality! Our English Mature to 38-45 pounds full grown on average. Thick nose ropes and loaded with wrinkles!  All vaccines and neutered. Our English are extremely healthy, great with children, cats, and other dogs as well!!
We are happy to announce that we will also have
** sold ** --Gorgeous red brindle and white english female, sweet calm loving girl, this girl was born with a clef in roof of her mouth which is now partially closed so she is at a reduced price for that reason, eats and drinks with litter mates normally. will be spayed and all first year vaccines completed,  $2,500
 ** ARRIVED ! ** -Beautiful new litter!! Mom is a beautiful deep red w/ excellent stocky body type, compact 23 pound female,pups will be reds,red sables,fawns, blacks,and black and tans. We are accepting deposits to reserve upcoming pups.
AMAZING PEDIGREES from top quality gorgeous lines of: FOREVERYOUNG, SHRINK-A-BULL & BABY-PHAT !
Some of our previous creams:
***Available ***-beautiful blue brindles   $8,000
Please note we do not register puppies going as only pets to pet homes as registration numbers are required for showing and breeding and we do not sell for these purposes .
Please note we do also take in rescues from time to time.
~If you are inquiring about a rescue please be advised that rescues are usually a larger commitment both financially and training wise as people do not surrender and get rid of perfectly healthy and well behaved frenchies usually. They are usually dogs that originated from poor breeders or pet stores. They usually do have baggage and come with health issues as well as often major behavioral issues. A rescue is a huge commitment, more so then a puppy, and requires a patient understanding home and is not a way to get a wonderful bulldog inexpensively.
Dad " Macho"
**Available ** - Gorgeo, Blue merle girl, unique great color and pattern, one of a kind!! great with kids,cats, and other dogs. If you are looking for a really unique beautiful frenchie ! ($6,500) 
** Available **- very sweet boy,6 1/2 months old, stocky black and tan male ready to go $4,000
** Available ** - gorgeous 6 month old maskless fawn/ honey cream male, loves all other dogs, cats and kids like all our pups as they are raised this way in our home, crate trained, paper trained, $5000
** Photos coming soon **
pups from prior litter:
Gorgeous new litters of blues and merles and reds ready for Christmas !!