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Welcome To ForeverYoung French Bulldogs
We have been breeding for over 30 yrs and our foundation dogs were all AKC and/or FCI/International registered and first and foremost are bred for great temperament and personality and to be as healthy as possible.  We also strive and work hard to uphold the breed type and standard while not compromising health.
Please note we no longer register puppies going to pet homes as registration numbers are required only for showing or breeding and we do not sell our puppies for this purpose. Our goal is to strive to provide happy beautiful loving puppies for families. We will very selectively sell with full registration breeding rights to experienced breeders we feel share the same responsible ideals. 

There are so many reasons to consider a French Bulldog as obviously you are.

Why A French Bulldog you ask???  Here are our top reasons:

1.) All Around GREAT family dog and companion dog. They are attentive, smart, and oh so affectionate. Also low maintenance little grooming required and very little shedding.

2.) They are great with children of almost all ages, of course adult supervision with any dog is always recommended.

3.) They are great with other dogs,cats, and pets when socialized and raised properly. They fit all life styles and homes as they are lower energy, and bark less. 

4.) They are lovable, cuddle friendly, playful and energetic but not hyper or over active. They are also low maintenance with minimal shedding.

5.) They are the perfect size! Not too big and not too small. The average adult weight range can vary but ours average from around 17 pounds to 30 pounds.

6.) They fit almost everyone's lifestyle. Great for homes, condos, apartments, farms. They do require average amounts of daily excercise but not huge amounts as they can easily overheat of course. They can easily get their fill of exercise indoors as well and can just go out 2-3 times for their daily walk to do their business.

7.) They have absolutley ADORABLE, comical faces & those EARS!! Who can resist that face?

8.) Relatively few health problems, especially when compared to many other breeds. Ours have been extremely healthy and we have not had any major health concerns to date with our Frenchies.
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